Setting Up Your Cameras

When you first open the RecoStudio MultiCam app, you will greeted by the app's home screen. This screen will ask you to choose between "Use As Switcher" and "Use As Remote Camera".

On the device that you wish to use to control your production, select "Use As Switcher". This will take you to a camera view with a bunch of button and menu controls. This is the main production screen.

For all other devices, select "Remote Camera Mode". That will take you to this screen. Note the rlcc:// URL being displayed under the WiFi symbol. You will need this later.

Now, it's time to connect this camera to the main switching device. Tap on the little icon of the star in the bottom-left corner of the screen on the main switching device. This will open up a little menu at the bottom of the screen.

Now, tap on the black rectangle with the blue plus sign. This will open the Assets menu.

Tap on Cameras. This will take you to the camera menu. Now, tap on Other...

You will be taken to the Connect To URL screen.

Remember the rlcc:// URL showing with the WiFi logo on your remote cameras' screens? Type in the rlcc:// URL of each camera here. The camera will now connect to the main switching device as a second camera source.

Repeat this will all additional cameras that you need.

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